Wiveton Hall kitchen garden

Wiveton Hall kitchen garden

The walled kitchen garden is like a tip garden during Wiveton Hall. we usually know it’s there as a crony rented a wing in Wiveton Hall a integrate of years ago, and let me in on a secret. And it’s a delight. In fact, we ‘d go as distant as observant I’d die happy if we had such a garden of my own! It is open twice a year for a National Gardens Scheme, or we can usually compensate £2 in a plantation emporium to go and see it, yet it’s not advertised heavily in the café, shop or on a website, so we could also simply skip it!

Once we enter, a whole feel of a garden is somewhat unkempt,

and all a some-more desirable for it.

However, a veteran palm of Amanda, the gardener, is clear throughout, as she conjures adult an unconstrained supply of uninformed vegetables and spices for a Wiveton Hall Cafe, to element fruit and veg grown in a Wiveton Hall Farm (which is also ‘Pick Your Own’ for fruit during summer).

Trained fruit trees dress all aspects of a walled garden

and fig trees have a space to rise into vast specimens (which would simply outgrow a whole of my front garden!)

I’m not certain if a garden is utterly a potager as a elaborate plants approximate a edibles in prolonged herbaceous borders, rather than blending in with a vegetables to emanate an altogether  decorative pattern (have a review of Petra’s latest post on elaborate edibles during Edulis),

but this somewhat rickety kitchen garden is a beautiful

and prolific space combined.

After you’ve had your fill of flowers and veg, we can strut over to the café for a tastiest lunch around for miles (or for tea and whole array of unequivocally tantalizing cakes) and gawk opposite a marshlands and out to sea. Delia also rarely rates this eaterie and if you’re ever nearby a north Norfolk coast, both garden and cafeteria should not be missed!

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  2. on Sep 19, 2012 during 5:01 pm | Reply Nicolette

    This does demeanour like your ideal garden!

  3. on Sep 19, 2012 during 5:12 pm | Reply Weeding a Web

    Pause, while we indulge in a bit of garden envy. It’s poetic that a rest of us can during benefit entrance to places like this.

  4. on Sep 19, 2012 during 7:03 pm | Reply PJ Girl

    Be still my violence heart…. sigh….. it’s truly lovely!

    • on Sep 21, 2012 during 10:34 am | Reply outofmyshed

      Hi Nicolette, Helen and PJ Girl, It is good to have a event to see gardens like these. we found it truly inspirational, as good as usually a good mark to spend time in. Now formulation to supplement a fig tree (in a pot!) and some-more flowers to brew in to a village front garden.

  5. on Sep 20, 2012 during 10:08 am | Reply wellywoman

    We went there when we stayed in Blakeney. We walked along a seashore trail and afterwards had lunch during a beautiful cafe. Such a good place. It’s one of those places that creates we tempted to pierce right opposite nation usually so we could go there any Saturday for brunch.

    • on Sep 21, 2012 during 10:36 am | Reply outofmyshed

      Hi Louise, Yes, we found myself doing that travel from Blakeney to Wiveton Hall to eat a tasty cut of Victoria Spounge roughly on a daily basis. Bit dangerous really. Have now started a diet!

  6. on Sep 20, 2012 during 6:00 pm | Reply Farmgirl Susan

    It’s fantastic! Thanks for a poetic tour. I’m lusting after those mill walls. I’m also lusting after a vacation in that wing during Wiveton Hall. Wow. What a gorgeous, spacious, comfy friendly place. we could pierce right in.

    My favorite part, though? Where it settled that there was a refundable cleaning deposition for bringing a dog – and a aloft cost for bringing 4+ dogs. Most vacation rentals in a U.S. don’t even concede one dog, let alone 4+, generally in a place as posh as that (even if they are usually authorised in a garden and application room). we had such a good giggle when we review that. we adore it! 🙂

  7. on Sep 21, 2012 during 11:02 am | Reply outofmyshed

    Hi Susan, Those mill walls will make a lady lust!
    With illusory coastal walks, we wouldn’t wish to leave your chase behind when holidaying in Norfolk. You’d adore Wiveton Hall-loads of hens with their chicks there when we visited too.

  8. on Sep 24, 2012 during 8:32 am | Reply Laila Noort (@sowandso)

    A poetic arrangement of mixing flowers and vegetables. Very good garden!, subsequent time we am in Norfolk we will really go for a visit!

    • on Sep 28, 2012 during 9:08 am | Reply outofmyshed

      Hi Laila, Definitely value a visit! Naomi

  9. on Jun 28, 2013 during 9:29 am | Reply Thomas Beevor

    Have a demeanour during this one, it’s singular anywhere in a world, let alone Norfolk!

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