Why Do Rhododendron Leaves Curl During Winter?

rhododendron, twisted leavesTake a tighten demeanour during a print to a left (you can click on it to see a incomparable image). Is this a ill rhododendron? Is it cursed to a terrible fate? Nope, it’s only a unequivocally cold rhodie that is doing what it can to get by a cold winters!

This doesn’t occur to all rhododendrons, though. When my father and we bought several of them for a beds subsequent to a front porch, we were unequivocally clever to select a hardiest cultivars we could find.

This sold cultivar (wish we could remember a name!), unequivocally curls a leaves when a temperatures drop. But others don’t twist their leaves during all. We’ve beheld a common denominator with those rhododendrons is that they have larger, wider leaves. Perhaps they’re some-more cold-tolerant?

So because do some rhodies get twisted leaves? It’s indeed a healthy resource that protects a leaves from being too unprotected to cold temperatures. Once a continue warms adult a bit, a leaves will lapse to their normal appearance.

However, if we occur to see this holding place during a summer months, that means a plants are not removing adequate water, so we will wish to take evident action!

I should also discuss that during a flourishing season, if we see curled, twisted leaves –along with some nipping repairs — that is expected caused by a root drum that is a form of caterpillar. The best fortitude to that problem is hand-picking of a shop-worn leaves given a larva is expected inside.


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