White currants a-go-go – though what a bloomin’ heck to do with ’em?

I give myself this problem every year. we like white currants; they’re sweeter than their red sisters, reduction mouth-puckering than their black cousins. You can eat them true off a brush but, frankly, they’re not so sparkling you’d indeed wish to.

whitecurrants 1

I have 3 white currant Blanka bushes. They stand excellently, give me no difficulty and even, given we turfed them out of a dirt for things we like better, seem happy in pots. They never sulk, sensitively furnish lovable yellow-white berries that radiate like wealth and one – and only the one – small strig is unequivocally pleasing to exam as they’re being picked.

I like them, though we don’t love them. They are ideally good though we severely don’t know what to do with them. Scouring my books and a internet, no one else does either. Most people possibly don’t get adequate to do most some-more than eulogize about them as garnishes alongside a red and a black currants, or have so many they can make jam.

Even a understated small flowers are delightful. we so WANT to adore this crop.

Some people use them in summer pudding though this seems wrong since a) a whole indicate of white currants is that they are like small white pearls – brew them in with stronger colours and all turns an all-purpose purple and b) summer pudding is a dessert march of Satan.

I unequivocally consider that a error lies with me, not my pleasant small Blanka jewels. They’re so pretty, we honestly consider these could be an Event. They’re only not. Yet.

whitecurrants 6

Every year we try something new with them – this year was sorbet. we suspicion it would be good to aria some in with my own-recipe-sorbet for essence and timber a rest with whole berries – forgetful that whole berries would solidify like bullets in a smooth, sweet, white mush. It’s a extraordinary thing – a flavour’s excellent though a texture’s really, unequivocally weird.

I’ll have another go subsequent year, doing ye olde passing-it-through-a-sieve thing; see if it works any better.

In a meanwhile, if you’re turn my place for ice cream, by all means happily go for a vanilla, coconut, rhubarb ginger, blackcurrant nepitella or geranium root , though if we offer we some poetic white currant sorbet – word to a correct – make your excuses and leave…



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