Week of Rain with Many Harvests to Make adult for

I only spent about a week inside due to a continue that gave us copiousness of breeze and rain. we was means to collect what indispensable to be harvested before a storm, yet we had many things that were prepared during a finish of this week. Today we took a time to collect all that was prepared for harvesting. This will embody pumpkins, beans, an eggplant, peppers, and some tomatoes.

I will be starting off with my pumpkins given we haven’t been articulate about them much. Even yet they were tiny this deteriorate we am not disturbed given we still have copiousness of pumpkin stuffing from prior years that we had hermetic into jars.

I had a sum of 5 pumpkins, yet one of them was flattering decaying and we only cut that adult and will be regulating it for compost during this point. we private as most of a seeds as probable to forestall them from flourishing when we start regulating a done compost. One of them was during a commencement stages of going bad and we only private a seeds and will substantially bake them currently given they are still edible.

Three Pumpkins Harvested

As we have formerly pronounced in other blog posts my beans are in a second proviso of beans and this is only a second breeze that my vines are having. we don’t know accurately how most some-more they can produce, yet for a impulse we got a flattering good volume this afternoon. Nine and a half pounds is a final sum of beans from today.

Pole Bean Harvest

Peppers were substantially a best plants this deteriorate or during slightest towards a finish of a deteriorate given they can withstand cooler temperatures improved than all my other plants. They are still flourishing producing peppers and many of them have dozens of flowers that means some-more peppers to collect in a future. Today we picked a dozen of them that will be put to good use in salads and pizzas.

Dozen Peppers

I also picked a few cherry tomatoes and steakhouse tomatoes, yet it was only a few of each. Here are only some of a cherry tomatoes we picked today.

Cherry Tomatoes

I also wanted to note that one eggplant was also picked this afternoon.  we consider we can really make something out of this, yet a doubt is what.


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