Watermelons and a Last of a Season Harvests

I would contend about now is flattering most a finish of a deteriorate and all that we need to do is some cleanup for subsequent year. This week we picked a customarily dual watermelons that we planted and some final cherry tomatoes that are still growing. we also had a few peppers that were ideal for picking.

In sum we got 28 pounds of watermelon this year from a dual that we picked this week. The biggest one was 21 pounds and a other was seven. It is not as large as final year, though still dual ideally good sizes and as prolonged as they are developed and succulent it doesn’t matter a size.


On a same day we had some some-more cherry tomatoes to collect along with some peppers. At a impulse these are a dual plants that are stability to produce. Although my cherry tomato plants have stopped flourishing there are fruit on a plant that we am watchful to ripen.

Cherry Tomatoes

On a other palm there are buds and flowers still on my peppers plants and as prolonged as they keep flourishing we will still be feeding them and picking a peppers. They substantially don’t have that most time left in a deteriorate now that a object is not out as most and cooler atmosphere is nearing generally during night.

Green Pepper

I also had some of a final beans picked this afternoon. The posts that are holding them adult will be private from a garden and put into storage. This is a final of a beans that we could get from a vines. It looks like that a finish of a 2017 garden deteriorate is over.

On a other palm we still have my carrots to puncture adult that customarily is finished a week of Thanksgiving.  Once these vegetables are harvested afterwards a gardening deteriorate is strictly over.

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