These are a few of my favourite things-part 2

These are a few of my favourite things-part 2

Sumptuous curves of Amsterdam

Inspired by Wellywoman’s Golden Welly awards, we suspicion I’d have a demeanour behind over a year and round-up some of my favourite horticultural experiences. So in no sold sequence (other than what initial pops into my head)…..

On a third weekend each June, customarily hidden Canal Gardens in Amsterdam are open to a public, so we popped over to Holland with associate blogger Veronica (you can customarily see her there in a background) to have a look. (In 2013 Open Canal gardens are 14-16 Jun ).I have to admit, a ubiquitous box parterres were somewhat strenuous by a finish of a weekend, yet we desired a hulk well-developed sculptural box forms in this garden during Kerkstraat 67.

Sumptuously curvy hedging in Amsterdam 2

Impeccably maintained, this garden was a many inspirational by distant out of a 25 gardens or so that we packaged in over a dual days.

pots in Amsterdam 2

I haven’t been to Amsterdam for years, and I’d lost what a illusory place it is customarily to hang out. And maybe a genuine horticultural provide for me over a weekend was not so many a waterway gardens (although some were stunning), yet a good planting that we see in a streets around this pleasing city.

pots in Amsterdam_

At each turn, pots were ripping with blooms,

Streets of Amsterdam

and roses ornate all demeanour of objects, clearly springing out of low concrete. Amazing!

De Kas Restaurant in Amsterdam

To finish a horticulturally themed weekend, we dined during De Kas restaurant, a brief tram float customarily outward a city centre. It’s a fanciful spot. Vegetable beds approximate an outrageous revamped metropolitan hothouse and dining in this open ethereal structure combined to a fun of eating their tasty meals, where uninformed furnish from a gardens is used as many as possible.

Black Krim tomatoes

Back in Blighty, we know it wasn’t a good year for tomatoes, yet Black Krim, a beefsteak accumulation that I’d tasted a prior summer during Victoriana Nurseries , was another well-developed delight. It looks furious and tastes great. Really tasty and rich. I’m unequivocally flourishing these again subsequent year.

Chitted Charlotte potatoes in April

Another succulent success was flourishing potatoes on tip of grass. Following my revisit to Charles Dowding’s ‘no dig’ farm, we experimented with a few Charlotte potatoes in April, planting directly on tip of uninformed weed and covering with about 6 inches of recycled metropolitan compost.


I earthed adult a potatoes once and was rewarded with a unequivocally healthy 15lbs value of potatoes come August.

Purple potatoes

This no puncture process worked equally good with some beautiful birthright varieties too (Arran Victory above), this time planted on tip of dirt during my allotment, again, with positively no digging. Not all of my experiments work out, yet this one was a outrageous success and I’ll be regulating this ‘no dig’ process for any potatoes grown in a destiny and we demeanour brazen to perplexing it out for other base veg too in a new year.

Judith Hann among a Lovage 4

And last, yet by no means least, was a unequivocally beguiling herb march during Judith Hann’s garden in Oxfordshire. After a march we felt truly desirous to get planting and cooking with a whole store of spices that I’d never grown before.

Herb ID

Lovage (bottom right), Sweet Cicely (top left), buckler root Sorrel (top right)


and Tarragon (above) are now organisation favourites and I’m unequivocally looking brazen to harvesting from spices planted this summer come 2013.

I know it’s been another bizarre flourishing year, yet notwithstanding a peculiar beating (leeks,.. squash), I’ve desired perplexing out new flourishing methods, opposite varieties of veg and training some-more from eager and knowledgable gardeners. And I’ve collected loads some-more ideas that we wish to put into use subsequent year (fruit tree training interjection to Paul Templeton). It will be good to hang adult my gardening boots for a integrate of weeks over Christmas, (and start reading my tantalizing accumulate of gardening books), yet we know I’ll be some-more than prepared to get experimenting again come a new year.

P.s. These are a few of my favourite things-Part 1

17 Responses

  1. on Dec 8, 2012 during 2:10 pm | Reply Veronica

    Glad we finally found a approach of edition your Amsterdam pics! Summer seems so prolonged ago. Roll on subsequent year for some-more flourishing and visiting!

    • on Dec 8, 2012 during 2:19 pm | Reply outofmyshed

      Roll on summer indeed. Can’t force myself outward on such a winter’s day. Loved your post from a Cartier Foundation in Paris Fancy a northern France outing subsequent summer to soak adult some some-more horticultural loveliness?

  2. on Dec 8, 2012 during 3:53 pm | Reply Sue

    I now wish to re-visit Amsterdam interjection to your moving pictures. And approbation to removing started again with gardening and blogging and flourishing vegetables, spices and fruit in 2013

    Wishing we a unequivocally Happy Christmas and.New Year

    • on Dec 8, 2012 during 4:42 pm | Reply outofmyshed

      Sue, had such a poetic time in Amsterdam that hopefully I’ll be visiting again soon. It’s good sauntering from one coffee residence to another, and even improved churned with a bit of garden visiting too, nonetheless 25 in one weekend was utterly a feat!
      Still have a week or so of gardening before boots are put divided and it looks like it’s going to be another cold week subsequent week too. However, we can see a light…….

      Wishing we a unequivocally happy Christmas too and good formulation and gardening in a new year. N x

  3. on Dec 8, 2012 during 5:05 pm | Reply wellywoman

    Thanks Naomi, I’ve desired reading about your gardening year. We used to live in Germany and got a possibility to go to Amsterdam a few times. It’s been a while given we were final there yet and saying your photos creates me wish to go behind there soon. And I’ve wanted to eat during De Kas for ages. I’m looking brazen to a mangle this Christmas. Can’t wait to lay down with my seed catalogues and start formulation for subsequent year. Loving those black krim toamtoes. I’m going to try tomatoes again this year after 4 years of not bothering since of blight. With a new hothouse yet we suspicion I’d give them a try again.

    • on Dec 9, 2012 during 2:31 pm | Reply outofmyshed

      Hi WW, Definitely value flourishing Black Krim tomatoes, generally in a greenhouse. we unequivocally like a ambience of a accumulation called ‘Egyptian’, that we also tasted during Victoriana Nursery, yet can customarily be grown indoors. V. sceptical of your greenhouse!
      De Kas, wasn’t cheap, yet a food, staff and a grill itself were superb. Well value it when subsequent in Amsterdam I’d say.
      Really looking brazen to spending some still time perusing catalogues and reading books too.

  4. on Dec 9, 2012 during 3:58 pm | Reply jaandewiel

    Naomi, It’s humorous to hear from we about a waterway gardens in Amsterdam. open in June. For us vital in a Netherlands, it is circuitously yet we never have been to those waterway gardens. Something to go for in June.
    I always examination we blog. we like a eager essay about immature gardening.
    Happy Christmas.
    Jan Aanderwiel

    • on Dec 10, 2012 during 8:21 am | Reply outofmyshed

      Hi Jan, Yes, I’m accurately a same about visiting galleries, gardens and museums. It customarily takes a visiting crony to surprise me about something or somewhere new to visit. Always gratified to have left and seen a good muster or a choice garden thereafter though. Many interjection for reading. Hope we suffer visiting a Canal Gardens subsequent year! Happy Christmas! Naomi

  5. on Dec 10, 2012 during 11:29 pm | Reply Anna

    Now 25 gardens in a weekend is a mega marathon. we visited a open gardens of Usk a few years ago that concerned a identical series of gardens visits. Enjoyed it yet was totally tired come a final garden. Amsterdam does sound many tantalizing though. Can’t stop singing that strain now – rainbows and roses …..

  6. on Dec 11, 2012 during 7:45 am | Reply outofmyshed

    Catchy isn’t it! You’re right Anna. It was burdensome and we happily collapsed into a seats on a Eurostar that whisked us (probably snoring) behind home.It was a hugely beguiling weekend yet and I’m tempted to go behind again to Amsterdam shortly if customarily for a cafes and second palm shops.

  7. on Dec 11, 2012 during 8:52 am | Reply Laila Noort (@sowandso)

    Great post and poetic photo’s. You have had a bustling and smashing gardening year, can’t wait to examination what we come adult with subsequent year.

    • on Dec 11, 2012 during 5:38 pm | Reply outofmyshed

      Thanks Laila. Yes, it’s been a good year. Hopefully I’ll get to revisit some some-more beautiful gardens subsequent year and already have my eyes on a integrate of courses-blog post to follow! Thanks for all your poetic comments (and tweets) during a year. Naomi

  8. on Dec 13, 2012 during 10:58 am | Reply Andrew Babicz

    Just to let we know:- The dates for a Open Garden Days in Amsterdam are 14-16 Jun 2013.

    • on Dec 13, 2012 during 11:11 am | Reply outofmyshed

      Thanks Andrew. Will supplement these dates to a post. Naomi

  9. on Dec 17, 2012 during 10:30 pm | Reply Anna B

    I severely adore this post! (I also enjoyed Wellywoman’s awards too!!) we visited Amsterdam progressing this year and stayed on a houseboat. we was also unequivocally taken with a volume of plants and gardens that people combined in a smallest of spaces. we would adore to go behind and competence try to go for a waterway gardens subsequent year! Very engaging thought we had with a potatoes and your tarragon colander is exceptional! Wonderful post 🙂

    • on Dec 18, 2012 during 9:15 am | Reply outofmyshed

      Anna, interjection so many for your eager comments. Staying on a houseboat sounds fantastic. Can we lease them? Yes, I’m gay with my potato success, generally during such a soppy summer-seemed like a best approach to grow them this year, with not a pointer of corrupt in sight. Growing some-more surprising spices was unequivocally sparked by a revisit to Judith Hann’s herb garden and eating smashing Tarragon dishes prepared by Flora, a good crony and many glorious cook. Using recycled objects some-more than desirous by a outing to Lip na Cloiche on Mull who spends her winters scouring a island for deserted kitchen and tillage objects.

  10. on Dec 21, 2012 during 10:43 am | Reply The garden diaries – an subsidy retrospective « puncture a outside

    […] write my own. we recently examination 3 unequivocally cold examination posts, one by Marks Veg Plot, a two-parter by out of my strew and a extraordinary endowment ceremonies by wellywoman. All are unequivocally singly created with a good sip of […]

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