The Language of Flowers: How to Order Your Perfect Bouquet

If you’ve ever found yourself on a phone to your florist, struggling for a right disproportion to report what we want, review on. With a assistance of a proprietor expert, Freddie Shaw, we’re going to try a denunciation of flowers and what terms we can use to sequence your ideal bouquet.

“I consider all florists will agree, there are lots of grey areas when it comes to describing flowers,” says Freddie. “Your thought of classical competence be someone else’s ‘contemporary’, and a whole demeanour can spin on a conduct depending on a colour scheme. The pretence is entrance together with a common denunciation and being really transparent on what we want.”

A dearly desired McQueens proprietor after 8 years as conduct of sales, Freddie handles a infancy of incoming calls to a Bethnal Green HQ and he positively knows a thing or dual about crafting a ideal fragrance and creation certain a clients get accurately what they want.

State a occasion

“After seeking about what form of flowers, of course, a initial thing we ask is, what’s a occasion?” explains Freddie. “This some-more than anything  dictates what will work. The denunciation of flowers is a really pointed though suggestive one, and we positively don’t wish to  send your business co-worker something regretful incidentally (or worse still, send a corporate fragrance to your partner!). It’s all in a detail, so always be transparent about what we wish and do tell us who it is for.”

The McQueens Endless Love bouquet, combined with reward red roses and anniversary foliage
A tighten adult of a McQueens Endless Love fragrance – not (usually) one for your boss

Specify colours, afterwards season

For many of us it’s healthy to report cool, dark colours as ‘wintery’ and comfortable colours as ‘summery’ however, it’s not always a surefire approach of removing what we want.

“A pale, pastel bouquet, for example, competence be described as summery by a customer though wintery by a florist, or clamp versa,” says Freddie.

“It’s best to mention what colours you’d like before we speak about a season. This approach we will safeguard we get a colours that we want, with varieties that beautifully simulate a time of year, too.”

Understand a disproportion between “the 4 Cs”

Naturally, there are a crowd of ways to report bouquets. However, as a ubiquitous order of thumb, they can be damaged down into a 4 Cs: Classic, Contemporary, Country and Corporate.


“Put simply, classical is an uniformly distributed multiple of flowers and leaflet in a renouned colour palette,” explains Freddie.

“Our Harvest fragrance is a good instance of this, it has an even mix of flowers and manifest leaflet with a recognisably ‘warm’ colour scheme. It’s also comparatively compact, though not too tight.”

The McQueens Harvest bouquet, a pattern that reflects a low golden colours and splendid greens of inlet as summer comes to a tighten with a overwhelming finale
The McQueens Harvest bouquet, a pattern that reflects a low golden colours and splendid greens of inlet as summer comes to a tighten with a overwhelming finale


“Contemporary is something a small some-more avant-garde,” says Freddie. “Perhaps a monochromatic colour intrigue with small manifest foliage, or complicated materials that will give a fragrance a small edge.”

“Our renouned gratifying bouquet, Noël, is an glorious instance of a contemporary take on a normal theme — a materials contend classical though a monochromatic colour intrigue says otherwise.”


“Country implies normal though looser and a small some-more natural, mostly with wild or British-grown flowers – consider Country Living Magazine,” explains Freddie.

“Essentially it’s a classical fragrance with some-more movement. Our Mamma Mia fragrance is a good instance of this — it’s full of English nation garden flowers, deliberately organised during conflicting heights.”


Last though not least, corporate is, as we competence imagine, something suitable to send from business to business. Something clean, classy, simple — a conflicting of fussy.

“We have many business clients and while it’s not surprising for someone to ask for something informal, a corporate fragrance is an ideal choice for something that balances a line between accessible and professional,” explains Freddie.

“This typically means a fresh, elementary palette, customarily incorporating a white or cream. The Austen fragrance is a good example, with a neutral white and immature tones, it’s an ideal present for a veteran partner.”

Lastly, if all else fails, it’s always value mentioning what we really don’t want, as Freddie reasons:

“This is a good resolution for when we wish something fanciful though would cite not to embody certain varieties. Giving a florist a giveaway power will never destroy to furnish something bespoke and beautiful and we competence only finish adult finding your new favourite bouquet.”

McQueens Freddie
McQueens conduct of sales, Freddie, a proprietor consultant when it comes to grouping a ideal bouquet

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