Roses, roses, roses and a long, prolonged (rose-clothed) Pergola during Kew Gardens… galleries here and some relocating pictures!

IMG_7760 Chaplin's Pink Climber IMG_7763 Bobbie James IMG_7765 Kew Ramber IMG_7767 Rosa filipes Kiftsgate IMG_7773 Francois Juranville Francois Juranville IMG_7776 Felicite et Perpetue IMG_7779 Claire Jacques IMG_7782 Alexander Girault Alexander Girault IMG_7785 Veilchenblau Veilchenblau Across a Family Beds IMG_7800 Across a Family Beds Acanthus hungaricus Chevvy Chase Chevvy Chase Chevvy Chase

This prolonged arbour with section pillars and joist beams is dressed with some beautifully lerned wayward and climbing roses. Beautiful monsters like Rosa filipes Kiftsgate ought to engulf a whole structure and most else besides yet with a adore and clever diagnosis these specimens are given, a crowd of flowers cuddle a cranky beams and nonetheless a sky is still visible. I’ve been here in winter and taken note of a fixation and pruning of a unclothed stems – there will be a gallery within these pages I’m certain.

While it proves that even a largest of roses can be tamed, with good bid and skill, not any garden has a structure, time or a right gardener to accomplish this feat. Therefore suffer them here in this pleasing setting, with a family beds using off perpendicular to a pergola, where manifold members of a same plant family (some astonishing family connections) are put side by side, as during a wedding, or forced Christmas Party….

This structure can be found past a woodland glade, ignored by a Temple of Aeolus on a mount, in a midst of a family beds, and punctuated by a unfeeling garden ‘Kew on a Plate’ during a distant end. Kew Road end one side of a enclosing and a high wall with a Salvia Border on a conflicting side, a other boundary.

A integrate of rootless videos here now, birdsong and planes providing a soundtrack, yet a second travel behind down arbour was interrupted by some approaching traffic!


Meanwhile in a Rose Garden in a lee of a Palm House, a demonstration of colour and incense with a brew of species, furious roses, Old Roses and complicated confections from David Austin in particular.

From a Austin camp, there are roses of all shapes and sizes, with flowers that are single, semi-double, and double, Old Fashioned and Peony-formed. The Lady’s Blush is impossibly delicate, Sally Holmes has such a overload of vast singular flowers on outrageous canes that it resembles a hydrangea; Morning Mist while singular is a confidant rose with a operation of splendid oranges and reds, vanishing fast and rather attractively – it is one of my favourites; James Galway has reflexed petals giving a outcome of a gymkhana ensign while England’s Rose is tiny yet splendid and again fades to give a poetic array of colours – Benjamin Britten is a brightest red-orange with a silvered retreat to any petal and is a showstopper – a shining rose on that to spin a colour intrigue in a churned limit – pinks and softer blues maybe heading adult to it – prohibited pigments with resisting purples after.

Rosa mulliganii, a initial rose in a gallery, is a pleasing beast of a plant with vast open tawny white flowers with executive trainer of golden stamens – a incense is of cloves and vanilla – consider Dianthus. Here, as a freestanding specimen, it is a towering of flower and fragrance. It is a same rose that adorns a slim molding of a support during a centre of a White Garden during Sissinghurst Castle, where it contingency have a most stricter treatment!

Rosa mulliganii Rosa mulliganii Rosa mulliganii Rosa mulliganii Rosa mulliganii Rose mulliganii Lady Emma Hamilton IMG_7452 Bonica '82 James Galway IMG_7463 Morning Mist Benjamin Britten Benjamin Britten Sally Holmes Sally Holmes Leda Jubilee Celebration Jubilee Celebration IMG_7524 Tuscany Gertrude Jekyll IMG_7530 Maid Marion IMG_7534 England's Rose IMG_7539 The Alexandra Rose IMG_7550 The Lady's Blush The Lady's Blush IMG_7567 Camaieu Lichfield Angel


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