Postcards from Shropshire – a initial gallery from David Austin Roses during Albrighton

MBO_5148 MBO_5147 MBO_5149 MBO_5152 MBO_5153 MBO_5156 MBO_5157 MBO_5158 MBO_5160 MBO_5161 MBO_5164 MBO_5168 MBO_5169 MBO_5170 MBO_5171 MBO_5172 MBO_5174 MBO_5175 MBO_5176 MBO_5177 MBO_5179 MBO_5180 MBO_5181 MBO_5182 MBO_5184 MBO_5186 MBO_5187 MBO_5188 MBO_5189 MBO_5190 MBO_5191 MBO_5192 MBO_5193 MBO_5195 MBO_5197 MBO_5198 MBO_5199 MBO_5200 MBO_5202 MBO_5203 MBO_5204 MBO_5205 MBO_5207 MBO_5208 MBO_5209 MBO_5211 MBO_5212 MBO_5213 MBO_5214 MBO_5215 MBO_5216 MBO_5217 MBO_5218 MBO_5219 MBO_5220 MBO_5221 MBO_5222 MBO_5223 MBO_5224 MBO_5225 MBO_5226 MBO_5227 MBO_5231 MBO_5232 MBO_5233 MBO_5235 MBO_5236 MBO_5237 MBO_5242 MBO_5246 MBO_5247 MBO_5250 MBO_5253

A initial demeanour during a Long Garden, mostly, during a eponymous gardens during Albrighton – only a brief expostulate from a bottom nearby Shrewsbury and a beautiful, inspirational stop-over on a approach to Woodstock. we realised of march currently that we have effectively inventories a gardens, as we competence once have finished to a prosaic or residence – in my prior incarnation as a Letting Agent – expanded view, closer, close-up – repeat.

These afterwards are galleries for a rose-geek, a finish fan like me, who wants to constraint a length, extent and fact of these gardens. The prolonged views and vistas, a combinations of rose-neighbours and a demeanour of a mature shrub, with sum of bud, root and freshness to follow. Plant labels generally convey a applicable picture of a rose.

Well, there it is. No apologies from me though there are going to be several galleries to follow, holding in all of a uncover gardens, with a retracing of my stairs to see whatever we competence have missed initial time around. Deep breath, and enjoy!

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