Now a dirt has settled, a demeanour during David Austin Roses during RHS Chelsea – Judi Dench (Dame), Vanessa Bell & James L. Austin ‘n All…

MBO_3244 MBO_3231 MBO_3232 MBO_3238 MBO_3229 MBO_3228 MBO_3236 MBO_3235 MBO_3234 MBO_3227 MBO_3219 MBO_3225 MBO_3224 MBO_3226 MBO_3214 MBO_3215 MBO_3213 MBO_3207 MBO_3211

No, I’m surprisingly not a VIP guest on a David Austin Stand – can they greatfully take note – though they had sealed a vaunt for a bit of filming, so a Great Unwashed had to transparent out and leave – withdrawal me with moments to constraint an dull rose garden. Well roughly empty, a one guy with a tool-belt skitted around though mostly, a outcome is of roses, only roses and some-more roses.

Much progressing in a day, carrying arrived a small after opening time, and casting a cursory peek during a Show Gardens, we done my approach indoors to a Floral Pavillion and a flattering true line to a rose exhibits – David Austin first, naturally, followed by Peter Beales (which will follow). Dame Judi Dench, Vanessa Bell and James L. Austin all benefaction for a 2017 stand of newbies to a famous stable, together with new introductions – Imogen, Roald Dahl, Ancient Mariner and all a common stalwarts. Though not Lady Emma Hamilton who could not be forced into lush on time. Such a contrition – I’ve seen some extraordinary photos of this rose in a garden in Assisi in a past few days – Quando fioriranno le Rose. Amazing.

But not to delay, here, edited, we guarantee (roughly half of a 1500 photos we took done a cut; maybe we should be some-more perceptive though any design is only a small bit opposite and for rose-geeks and Rosarians, there will be something new in any shot we hope). Here goes – a picture of a name of any rose customarily precedes a featured rose itself.

MBO_2704 MBO_2706 MBO_2708 MBO_2711 MBO_2712 MBO_2714 MBO_2716 MBO_2717 MBO_2718 MBO_2723 MBO_2725 MBO_2728 MBO_2729 MBO_2730 MBO_2733 MBO_2736 MBO_2737 MBO_2738 MBO_2742 MBO_2743 MBO_2744 MBO_2745 MBO_2747 MBO_2750 MBO_2752 MBO_2753 MBO_2754 MBO_2755 MBO_2756 MBO_2758 MBO_2759 MBO_2761 MBO_2762 MBO_2764 MBO_2767 MBO_2768 MBO_2771 MBO_2772 MBO_2773 MBO_2776 MBO_2778 MBO_2779 MBO_2781 MBO_2786 MBO_2787 MBO_2788 MBO_2796 MBO_2797 MBO_2798 MBO_2799 MBO_2805 MBO_2808 MBO_2810 MBO_2816 MBO_2817 MBO_2818 MBO_2820 MBO_2821 MBO_2823 MBO_2824 MBO_2826 MBO_2827 MBO_2829 MBO_2830 MBO_2832 MBO_2834 MBO_2838 MBO_2840 MBO_2841 MBO_2844 MBO_2846

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