Futuristic Feb — Refuse a Future with Single-Use Plastic

Carly Bergman's recycling

Collect your recyclables for a month of February, afterwards post a print on amicable media with #FuturisticFebruary. You will be in startle when we comprehend how most rubbish we amass in only one month!

Last year we went to Nicaragua for an whole month to learn Spanish and learn English. During my time there, we was desirous by associate eco-tourists to minimize my rubbish by refusing, shortening and reusing. Nicaragua, like many building countries, does not have a correct rubbish grouping system. The nation browns all of a waste, including recyclables and plastic.

After my month spent in Nicaragua, I was means to fit all of my recyclables in a tiny cosmetic bag and move them on a craft home with me to dispose of them properly. I done this occur by simply meditative twice about selling a granola bar with a wrapper, refusing to use a cosmetic bag, refusing cosmetic straws, and not regulating paper towels when unnecessary. As an environmentalist and holistic-health enthusiast, it clicked for me that we couldn’t call my lifestyle tolerable while still regulating cosmetic regularly.

When we returned from Nicaragua we combined a debate called #FuturisticFebruary. The debate challenge includes asking people to save all a recyclable materials they use during a month of February and post a sketch of their collections on amicable media Feb 28 with a #FuturisticFebruary hashtag. After posting, of course, recycle all those aluminum cans, cosmetic bottles and other items. I inspire everybody and anyone to attend in Futuristic Feb in sequence to assistance reanimate a planet. The thought is to lift recognition of wickedness and over-consumption.

After my travels, we was encouraged to exercise a change in my lifestyle deliberation we was vital in a hostel that was starting to mellow due to rising sea levels. It done me intensely dissapoint to consider about how most we devour as Americans and do not commend a unpropitious effects it has on a sourroundings and surrounding countries. The tiny islands in Nicaragua knowledge meridian change firsthand and their land is being broken by erosion and augmenting sea levels. If we do not change a ways, a destiny will be similar!

Carly Bergman with her worm composter

All of my fruit and veggie peels go true into my worm composter. Always!

The best approach to revoke your rubbish is simply to buy products that are reusable. Things like bamboo toothbrushes, filigree grocery bags, reusable bottles, potion straws, and compostable plate brushes are all good options. we have a Gardener’s Supply Worm Farm Composter that we use daily! we eat a plant-based diet and all of my fruit and veggie peels go true into my composter for my red wigglers to enjoy. we use a finished compost in my Gardener’s Supply GrowEase Seed Starter when we start seeds during a winter!

There is most to learn! Every day we learn new ways to live in a some-more tolerable way. For example, we lift a reusable play and mop so I’m prepared when I’m grouping an acai play or streamer to a coffee shop, in box they don’t yield reusable options.

My best recommendation is to keep a dedicated “sustainability bag” with we during all times. Mine includes filigree grocery bags, reusable mugs and bowls, a steel to-go tin, potion straws, reusable H2O bottles, and bamboo utensils. My guilty pleasure is eating acai bowls a integrate times a week so we always leave a reusable play and bamboo ladle in my car!

Another good minimal-waste selling choice is to put food from a store’s bulk bins true into reusable bags. This eliminates a need for cosmetic bags — and selling in bulk is most cheaper, too! What’s improved than shortening your CO footprint while saving income in a process?

My idea is to have as small impact on a world as possible, while bettering myself and a environment. Going “minimal waste” isn’t easy, generally during initial since we have to mangle lax of aged habits. It truly is a journey, though it’s totally required in sequence to reanimate a planet. Every bid to make a world a cleaner place counts!

—Carly Bergman
I am Carly Bergman, a tyro finishing adult my grade in Integrated Studies with a concentration on sustainability and eco-spirituality. we grew adult in a Northwest suburbs of Chicago where we had a event to work during a poetic extract bar, Pure Juice Cafe. we credit this 5-year pursuit with assisting me find my passion for health, sustainability, spirituality, and environmentalism. we now live in Fort Myers, Florida, where we work with a vegan protein bar company, Planet Protein, as good as work with Florida Edible Landscaping, a association that emphasizes permaculture and organic horticulture.

I privately entice we to attend in Futuristic Feb or minimal-waste vital to simply be aware of shortening rubbish and vital some-more sustainably. we will be adding new posts about zero-waste vital as good as plant-based vital to my Instagram page, @Carly_Bergman.

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